The photographer has witnessed many interesting scenes of beautiful animals, but this one is so special!

These frogs are so romantic!

Ajar Setiadi is a well-known wildlife photographer, who enjoys taking interesting photos of animals and reptiles, but recently frogs became the preferable topic in his photos. He loves to capture them especially in rainy days, when they use flowers as umbrellas.

Once the man witnessed something amazing that left him speechless. He managed to capture the scene attracting the whole world.

Two frogs sheltered from the rain and took cover under a flower, and one of the frogs put his hand on the other’s back, protecting his lover.

They are so romantic that they love to hug each other in the rain. So cute!

Photographing animals is not an easy task, but this man does his job perfectly.

What can you say about these adorable pictures? Did you like them?

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