The Syndrome of Down didn’t prevent this girl from living her life to the fullest and becoming a model

The girl with Down Syndrome became a model and works with Gucci and Vogue

Today’s reality encourages tolerance and understanding, especially towards those who were born with some uniqueness, disorders or else rare conditions. All people should bear in their mind that they deserve love and tenderness, not violence and bullying.

Meet Beth Matthews who, despite being diagnosed the Syndrome of Down, will leave every single one speechless with her self-confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. It should be noted that the absolutely unique girl has reached her biggest goal – she has signed a contract with well-known British agency Zebedee.

Such people who want to become models also have to pass all the tests and explain why they are suitable for becoming a model and representing their company. Beth was not an exception as well.

The advertising agency confessed that they undoubtedly needed such a self-confident, bright and unique personality as Beth is. According to them, she works brilliantly when the cameras are on.

She was inspired by 19-year-old E. Holstein.

Besides this famous agency, Beth has managed to collaborate with Gucci and Vogue too.

The absolutely adorable girl didn’t let anyone stay indifferent towards her cuteness and uniqueness.

As her mother mentions, she really likes being the center of everyone attention and hopes that she would be much more successful in the near future.

The charming girl is the embodiment of strong-will and determination from whom we all definitely have something to learn!


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