The emotional reunion of the mother and her daughter who was lost for 14 years didn’t let anyone stay indifferent

After 14 years, the desperate woman eventually finds her missing daughter

A terrible and tragic situation happened to a little girl named Jacqueline in the year 2007. She was kidnapped from their house and till recently nothing was known about the girl. The family believed that it was her father who abducted Jacqueline.

It had already been 14 years the desperate mother and the police were jointly looking for the girl in everywhere possible. Meanwhile, all their efforts were in vain.

After about 15 years of searching, the mother suddenly received a message from her missing daughter who immediately shocked her saying that she was in Mexico and needed her help.

The kidnapped girl was found near the border of Mexico and the mother’s and the daughter’s long-waited reunion eventually took place.

It still remains unknown in what conditions the girl survived all these years and the police are still in search of her father.

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