Hanks’s difficult life, his early marriage, unhappy childhood years and an incurable illness

This is how Hanks experienced his unhappy childhood and a serious disease

T. Hanks is well known as one of the kindest, optimistic and positive actors in the film industry. The great man has always brilliantly played only good characters explaining that he was not able to pretend to be bad or evil and scare people away.

The legendary actor was born on the 9th of July, 1956 in California. When being asked about his unhappy childhood, the actor always tries to avoid the theme saying that those years weren’t the best as he had to live on his own since his parents were constantly in work.

He had siblings as well – Larry, Jim and Sandra. When they were still children, their parents divorced and he, for some unknown reasons, ended up staying with his dad.

After some time, both parents remarried and Tom was called the number 9 as the family now consisted of 16 siblings.

At the age of 10, Hanks managed to have lived in already 10 houses.

The great actor married Rita Wilson in 1988 who was an actress and at that time the man had no idea that it was actually his first marriage. In 1978, Hanks married S. Lewis and had two adorable children – Colin and Elizabeth. But misfortunately, the spouses broke up in 1987.

A terrible situation happened in 2001. The actor’s mother Susan was diagnosed with bone cancer. She, regrettably, passed away on the 12 of March, 2002, in California.

And that was not all in fact. Rita was later diagnosed with breast cancer and Tom suffered diabetes at that time. Happily, his wife managed to cope with the situation.

Moreover, in 2020, the legendary actor had coronavirus and announced this by sharing that Rita and him felt exhausted and were cold and the test for the virus was positive.


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