“A youthful girl without cosmetics”: Lopez’s spectacular look without cosmetics stunned millions of people

The fans were amazed at how Lopez really looks without using cosmetics

Besides being a successful and demanded celebrity, Lopez is also famous for her unearthly beauty, brightness and attractiveness.

The popular star recently delighted her audience with her new photos in which she wore no gram of makeup. It was the prime example of ageless beauty as the celebrity started to even look more beautiful and charming than before. She used no photo retouching and was still able to amaze absolutely everyone.

According to the Hollywood celebrity, Lopez trains regularly and is on a diet which she calls a lifestyle.

We should always remember about her wonderful genes. The star manages to look amazing due to her determination and self-discipline.

Though Lopez is already 51, the diva, according to her fans, looks simply great and 30 years younger.

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