Here is the strongest baby on Earth: She learnt to hold her head shortly after birth and stood at 8 weeks

The baby who could already stand being 8 weeks is the strongest on Earth

Absolutely all parents want their babies to be healthy and strong who certainly know how to sometimes amaze the whole world with their abilities and super talent.

This unique baby named Lulu learnt how to stand on her legs since 8 weeks and could hold her head 5 days after her birth in hospital literally astonishing the world.

Most surprisingly, the baby girl was born 2,5 kilos.

She didn’t crawl and could already stand on her legs when she was only 8 weeks.

Her parents, 31-year-old Johnston and 23-year-old Emily Derrick were literally astonished and pleasantly surprised at her abilities. The spouses claim that none of them possesses such strength and, perhaps, their little miracle inherited the features of their more powerful ancestors.

A number of experts and researchers have come to conclusion that Lulu is the strongest baby girl in the entire world.

What can you say? Are you amazed at her abilities at such a young age?


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