“They look like a father with his daughter”: Hollywood actor DiCaprio was recently caught with his youthful beloved

Actor DiCaprio was noticed with his girlfriend who is 24 years old

This iconic 47-year-old actor of Hollywood has been dating a youthful model named Camila for already 5 years. This is actually a relatively long time for the legendary actor as the relationships he gets in are for the most part not serious.

Leo and Camila haven’t still legalized their relationship and at events and shows they choose to appear separately. And when they are more than sure no one is watching them, the couple fully enjoys the precious time spending together. Recently, they were captured during their vacation by the paparazzi.

While taking a walk and talking to each other, they suddenly stopped and cuddled which melted their fans’ hearts. Their followers look forward to their marriage about which nothing is known yet. Some noted that they actually looked not harmonious and they seemed to be a father with his daughter.

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