“Remained the same beauty”: This is how the charming little model looks after 13 years

Here is what one of the most adorable little models looks like after 13 years

This little sweetheart has actively participated in about 30 beauty contests and competitions successfully winning most of them. The mother of the awesome girl started to take her to various beauty contests and TV shows since the age of 4 making her become a true celebrity. Many rushed to criticize her mother for not letting her little daughter completely enjoy her carefree childhood years.

Soon, the charming girl started to have problems with her health and was stressed. This eventually led her mother to stop using her daughter for popularity and money. The girl successfully graduated from school and now dreams of a career as an actress. From time to time, she takes part in advertising companies.

Her American audience is really fond of the model, whereas the Russian can’t understand why she is considered special. “Has nothing special”, “Everyone admires her, but I don’t “, “Totally ordinary”.

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