These are the photos showing legendary Celentano and his charming wife Claudia

Here is what iconic actor Celentano and his wife looked like before and now

Celentano can be regarded the icon of film industry and music. The legendary actor and musician, even at his 80, still somehow manages to remain the same attractive and handsome man who continues stealing hearts of millions of women.

He first met his wife Claudia in 1963 during the filming who was already famous for her powerful and beautiful voice and musical skills. Then, the blessed girl managed to get engaged in films.

The charming woman immediately stole the great man’s heart who determined to divorce his current wife and get married to her.

In the years of 1970s, the stunning woman starred with such praiseworthy and iconic film stars as Hepburn, Papas and Sharif

The admirable family had three wonderful kids, Rosita, Rosalind and Giacomo.

In the years of 1990s, she led their label and started to successfully release her partner’s albums also becoming a jury of the TV show “X-factor”.

As a matter of fact, the spouses have been totally inseparable for already 56 years and haven’t ever thought of divorce. Nowadays, they occasionally appear in public delighting their fans.

The life and activity of their heirs remains unknown.

Rosalind managed to become a successful movie star. Nothing is actually known about Rosita. Giacomo was, in fact, the only one who gave them a grandchild.

The woman has already turned 78 and is utterly unrecognizable compared to her in youth.

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