Our beloved Katy Perry bravely showed how she looks after giving birth to her baby

This is what Katy Perry actually looks like shortly after the birth of her baby

There is no need to say that Katy Perry continues being the icon of millions of people and she still keeps entertaining and delighting her loyal fans with her brilliant performances and charming appearance. The world famous celebrity has never hidden anything even from her personal life from her audience and this case was not an exception. Perry and her beloved partner Orlando Bloom have happily become parents and Katy often shares the details of their relationship and her motherhood.

As it is known, the young mother and her adorable newborn are absolutely healthy. The mother even shared a photo where her “imperfect” figure is seen shortly after giving birth which was rather risky and courageous.

It is worth mentioning that Perry became a mother for the first time, whereas Bloom had a son from his previous marriage.

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