This is how the legendary movie stars from 1990 have changed so far

Here is what the iconic actors from 1990 look like now

Once taking a look at old or archive photos of our beloved legendary actors from 1990, we immediately get filled with bunch of emotions and nostalgia. Now, we have found out what these great movie stars looked like then and now.

The iconic movies from 1990s are to some extent derived of mind-blowing and breathtaking visual effects and scientific development, yet they give lots of fond and remarkable memories.

So here are 17 of them that we are going to show you today.

L. Hamilton

A. Schwarzenegger

J. Lee Curtis

D. DeVito

K. Preston

B. Willis

M. Pfeiffer

C. Diaz

J. Carrey

M. and A. Olsen

J. Roberts


R. Gere

D. Moore

R. McGowen

T. Lee Jones

Ch. Ricci

K. Dunst

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