“Getting more handsome with the passing years”: These are celebrities who are hard to recognize in youth

Here are world famous stars who were considered “ugly ducklings” in youth

There have been any cases when people of absolute beauty and attractiveness were considered “ugly ducklings” in their childhood or youth. Many celebrities and world famous people also experienced that stage of life who are simply impossible to recognize in their youth when they were still pupils or students. Whereas now, some of them are among the most handsome and desirable men in history.

Dwayne Johnson

It is rather hard to believe that it is one and the same person in these photos!

Daniel Craig

In the course of time, Craig definitely gained more handsomeness and attractiveness.

Robert Pattinson

In his youth, Pattinson was too “soft”. Growth gave the actor more courage and seriousness.

Woody Harrelson

It seems like Woody hasn’t actually changed so much but now we can clearly see inner rod in his facial expression.

Vin Diesel

Vin is considered a man born to star dangerous guys. With the passing years he is getting even nicer.

Charlie Hunnam

From a cute boy with a naïve face to a brutal man.

George Clooney

George could hardly be called a future lady-killer.

Bruce Wills

Seeing Bruce with hair is already a great surprise.

Tom Selleck

Selleck has grown his mustache which made the man be even more handsome and courageous.

Richard Gere

Would you recognize the legendary actor in his youth?

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