“A big difference in age”: Here is Jean Reno at his 73 with his wife who is 24 years younger than him

73-year-old actor Reno shared joint photos with his beloved young wife

Jean Reno is a well-known and successful actor whom you have definitely seen in such popular movies as “Leon”, “Ruby and Quentin”, “Wasabi” and so many others.

The legendary actor has already turned 73 and he rather rarely appears in public. Whereas these days, the man appeared accompanied with his beloved wife and delighted his loyal fans.

The woman’s name is Zofia Borucka and they are simply an exemplary and admirable couple regardless of the relatively big difference in age.

In these heartwarming photos, the spouses look gorgeous and completely happy together. It is clearly seen that they sincerely love each other and the 24 years difference in age doesn’t bother them at all. It is needless to say that their fans were in delight with their recent joint pictures.

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