Indian actor Chakraborty adopted a girl who was left in a garbage: How does she currently live?

This is how the girl looks whom actor Chakraborty found in a garbage and adopted

Chakraborty is a world famous and successful Indian actor who started to gain popularity mainly after the great film “Disco dancer”. Millions of women were madly in love with the talented and handsome actor and dreamed of dating him. Mithun has played more than 350 roles and still remains one of the most well-known and demanded actors in the whole world.

At the age of 23, Mithun’s act of kindness and generosity made millions of people admire the actor.

The man has always been independent and successful. Despite his career in the film industry, he earned money from his own business as well. He is the owner of hotels and football club. Regardless of his wealth and popularity, Mithun still manages to remain an ordinary and gentle-hearted person.

His private life was also quite successful. The legendary actor married a girl named Yogeeta and they had three kids. At the age of 23, he adopted a girl named Dishani.

Dishani’s life wasn’t the happiest one. She was abandoned by her parents ending up in a garbage. The poor child was noticed by passers-by and was immediately sent to hospital.

The heroic actor rushed to adopt the abandoned girl and give her a second chance to live a carefree and happy life.

Since her childhood years, Dishani started to take a great interest in films. She has always been artistic, talented and charismatic. The girl is currently studying acting.

Mithun is already proud of her beloved daughter and never ceases to support her.

Dishani, whose life appeared on the line in a garbage, has now become a real beauty and lives a complete life.

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