“Simply a goddess”: This is how a model should look: A plus size girl became the symbol of body positivity

Here is a model of plus size who became the symbol of body positivity

Nowadays, the world of modeling frequently changes and in the past no one could imagine that women weighing more than 55 kilos would have the opportunity to appear on the cover of famous magazines.

This stunning plus size girl has recently become an influential figure and symbol of body positivity in the modeling industry. The future model was born in in Cleveland but then moved to Los Angeles.

Initially, the girl was ashamed because of her unusual figure and worked as a makeup artist. She has never even dreamed of becoming a model and having photo sessions.

This girl of extraordinary figure and beauty was first noticed by one brand of clothes but then she successfully became a representative of the modeling industry.

Currently, the model has about one million subscribers and on her Instagram account she always encourages people to accept their appearance and figure and not to try to correspond to beauty standards at any price.

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