“In white mini shorts and stylish shirt”: 68-year-old Brinkley delighted everyone with her look in New York

Here is Christie Brinkley in her 60s who has maintained her flawless figure

C. Brinkley can be considered among those whom people ironically call “witches”, as the celebrity, believe it or not, has already celebrated her 68th birthday and still looks stunning and admirable.

Christie’s face looks very young, fresh and well-groomed. The star possesses such a desirable and flawless figure that even young ladies can envy her unearthly beauty. What are actually her beauty secrets?

Brinkley spent the first weekend of July in the Hamptons. As usual, the celebrity was smiling and radiant. She chose a stylish shirt and white mini shorts and completed her final look with a hat and bag.

In these pictures we can clearly see that the 68-year-old woman can boast about having such a well-maintained and stunning figure despite her age.

But how does she manage to always keep herself fit?

She has shared her beauty secrets so many times. She actively takes up sports, sits on diets and never forgets about a smile.

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