Jennifer Aniston confessed what Jolie and her talked about in their only meeting

After about 12 years, Brad apologizes to Aniston for breaking her heart

50-year-old Aniston already reconciled with Brad Pitt-her ex-husband. Whereas, about Jolie, who was the main reason they divorced, she didn’t say anything. It was recently found out that the legendary actresses talked with each other only once during their lives.

The celebrity starring in the popular series “Friends” told that she met Jolie by accident which was in 2004 in a parking lot next to a film studio. At that time, Aniston’s and Pitt’s relationship was not the same it was before. Brad was strongly against her filming the final season of the sitcom and for Aniston it was rather unreasonable to refuse to star there as one episode for such a large fee one million.

At that time, Brad himself was preparing for his role in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and his partner was Angelina. That’s why seeing Angelia, Aniston found it appropriate to greet her as her husband’s partner in a movie. She hoped they would take their roles successfully and wished them both good luck. Yet, the things radically changed.

Pitt started to take a great interest in the stunning actress and gradually realized that Aniston was actually not destined to be his one and only. In 2005, the spouses announced that they were going to break up and, shortly after, Jolie’s pregnancy was revealed. Soon, their daughter named Shiloh was born. And only after 12 years, Brad decided to apologize to Aniston for breaking her heart and causing so much trouble.  Now they are in a good relationship. Moreover, Brad was invited to Aniston’s anniversary.

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