90 percent of women envied her beauty: How 51-year-old Claudia Schiffer look now

51-year-old supermodel, Claudia Schiffer, still looks stunning

Her waist – the envy of many women

Schiffer is one of the most successful and popular German supermodels in 1990s and, in spite of her age, she continues astonishing her loyal fans with her absolute beauty and charm. Her flawless appearance is always the center of admiration.

Claudia has always been high and slim that’s why achieving success in model industry was simply a matter of time for her. Whereas, she didn’t like her figure when she was a teenager.

When Claudia was a student, she once went to a club and there she came across a scout of agency under the name “Metropolitan Models”. He suggested that the young girl should go to Paris and start career in fashion model industry.

Initially, the adorable girl couldn’t really believe that and was very shy during her first photoshoot.

However, everything turned out quite successfully when, after appearing on the cover of one French magazine “Elle” and “Chanel”, she became K. Lagerfeld’s muse who even compared the young model to Brigitte Bardot, another style icon.

For a long period of time, Claudia was considered to be the most highly-paid supermodel in the whole world. In 2000, the magazine “Forbes” announced that her profit was about 9 million.

It is worth mentioning that Claudio’s appearance didn’t really change since then. She regularly attends gym and eats only healthy food in order to keep herself fit and healthy.

As she has announced, her beauty secret is water and good food. She is strongly against fast food and sweets.

The model prefers to wear heels but not very high so as to feel comfortable and look more feminine.

The supermodel keeps her natural hair and hasn’t really made any changes concerning her appearance.

She is still beautiful and gorgeous, isn’t she? Share your opinions below.

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