What the daughter of a legendary Hollywood actor Jim Carrey now looks like

This is how Jim Carrey’s only kid- Jane, looks now

Jim Carrey is, perhaps, one of the most successful, talented and beloved comedy actors in Hollywood. During his whole life, Carrey has been married twice, has been in many relationships, but the popular actor has had only one child- a daughter, from his first marriage.

In 1987, Carrey married a woman named Melissa Womer with whom he was madly in love and, during the first year of their marriage, the loving spouses had a daughter whom they named Jane.

Their marriage lasted about eight years. Everything was alright until Carrey gained fame. According to Carrey, it sometimes took hours for him to convince her wife simply to go and throw the litter or do the cooking.

They, misfortunately, had to divorce and their only daughter stayed with her mother. Jim couldn’t get over the breakup for a long time and was depressed and downhearted. But he hasn’t ever stop communicating with his beloved daughter.

In 2012, Jane was also present on “The American idol” show. She had a cherished dream of becoming a worldwide famous singer but had to leave the competition after the second round.

During the years 2013-2014 Carrey with his daughter worked together on creating a book “How Roland Rolls”. What is more, Jane recorded the soundtracks for “Dumb and Dumber” where her father starred. In 2018, the girl took part in the filming of a TV show named “Catfish”. Currently, the legendary actor’s daughter successfully performs in a group carrying the name “The Jaen Carrey Band”.

In 2009, the daughter married a famous vocalist Alex from a rock group. They had a son named Jackson but, unluckily, in 2010, the spouses divorced after having lived together only for 11 months.

Jane claims that she truly has a wonderful and close relationship with her father and is really proud of him.

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