The Briton has been going to the same hairdresser for almost half a century and taking a photo with him

A series of photos taken by a man with his hairdresser

Many of us have traditionally used the same specialist for many years. After all, it is very important that the result always meets our expectations, especially when it comes to a hairdresser.

Sam Farr, originally from England, has been visiting the same hairdresser since 1970. Over the years, he and a master named Joe Pace have become close friends and even visit each other from time to time.

Joe always follows a funny tradition: every time he goes to the hairdresser, he takes a camera with him to capture the result of a friend.

These pictures show how much men have changed over the decades.

As Sam admits, a lot has changed since the first day they met, except for one thing – Joe still does his job perfectly.

This is what one of the first shots looks like.

This photo was taken back in 1985.

This one is from 2007.

This is what men looked like five years ago.

From time to time, Farr and Pace see each other outside the barbershop that has become their own. They rest alone or with their families.

By the way, Sam moved from Bath to Bristol a long time ago, but, despite the distance, he always visits a friend’s hairdresser, overcoming a long road for a whole hour.

Almost fifty years have passed since the men met. During this time, Sam and Joe managed to collect a large photo album with pictures imbued with warmth and devotion.

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