Photo series which will make our world much clearer and kinder

Photos which make us restore our faith in humanity

The hope not always dies last as many don’t have the optimistic mindset and the persuasion that everything will be alright. It is an indisputable fact that the life is hard and burdensome yet there are ones who can overcome the most extreme differences and challenges and this is due to their firm determination and ambitions.

The drawing teacher currently undergoes chemotherapy and this is her first lesson in a new academic year

The notes: don’t touch the box, there the birds built their nest

This taxi driver takes no money from ones who suffer cancer

The mother is not good at drawing, yet she draws for her little daughter everyday

The postman went on holiday and left some sweets for the dog until he comes back

This cat lost her ears after the life-saving surgery and her owner knitted a hat with ears for her!

The kid was embarrassed and didn’t let the doctors use bandage on him, so they “cured” his fluffy toys as well

The little girl is really afraid of injections and sticks a pipe in her hand. The husband of her mom, a military nurse, did the same thing to assure she was not alone.

At the age of 75, it is still possible to find a new love

“Ten years ago I was a dollar short on paying for the meal and now here is your tip with interest.

The group of veterans created a ramp as a present for their 98-year-old disabled colleague

In Turkey, umbrellas are set over the nests so that the birds won’t get wet.

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