The couple built a house out of window frames in the wilderness

A creative couple! They built an interesting house in the wild

Today we will tell you about a creative couple: Nika and Lila. 3 years ago they went on a joint trip to West Virginia. Nick is a professional photographer. He was so inspired by the landscapes of these places that he decided to move from the city to the wilderness, build a house and live in unity with nature.

We seem to have said that the couple is very creative. So, they decided to build a house out of window frames.

Nick and Lila went to all their acquaintances and bought old unnecessary frames. As a result, they spent $500 on the construction.

The construction lasted a month and a half, but if it were not for the help of friends, then the lovers would not have coped so quickly. Lila is a designer, she supervised the construction of the building and was engaged in the interior.

The house is located in a real wilderness, so it’s scary at night.

But Nick solved the problem: he got two dogs that guard the house and report any uninvited guests.

In the evening, their house is transformed. The hosts light many llamas and candles. They say there is no better place to live.

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