The girl got into an abandoned house, where time stopped in the last century, because you can get into it only by sea

An abandoned house, where people can reach only by sea

Britt Marie Bai is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway. The girl has been traveling the world for several years and photographing abandoned lonely houses.

This abandoned house is located on an island in northern Norway, close to the icy Norwegian Sea and surrounded by high mountains.

The derelict house was built with an impressive frontage overlooking the ocean. This fishing village can only be reached by sea.

Main entrance from the side of the house

Rear of the house, with servants’ entrance and servants’ quarters

And here is the dining room, abandoned 30 years ago

Portraits of the owners of the house

Living room with expensive custom-made furniture

Every room has a stove. This room was used only for special occasions and the stove was seldom lit.

In this bedroom the doctor received his patients when he came to the village.


Nearly degraded loom

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