This girl bought a dog she always dreamed of but after six months there was a surprise she never expected to get

The girl realized the breeder cruelly lied to her once she got a surprise after adopting a pup

These young people desired to have a pup, yet they couldn’t decide whether to adopt one or not. They tried to choose among hundreds of breeds, thoroughly planed the adaptation and provided the future puppy with all the necessities. All in all, they did everything in order to be absolutely ready for adopting the admirable pup.

They eventually selected the breed Kokapu and adopted one giving it a name “Vinnie”.

The awesome pup cost nearly 2000 pounds and at the moment of buying the dog’s weight was about 4.5 kilograms at the age of 4 months. The new owners were convinced the dog would stay relatively small.

In six months, the owners obviously noticed that the dog was gradually becoming bigger and bigger and they, getting extremely worried and confused, called the breeder. As it was later found out, he heartlessly lied to them and Vinnie actually belonged to another breed.

In the course of time, the pup turned into a really huge dog.

In this fascinating photos the dog is only one-year-old with the weight nearly 30 kilograms. There is a supposition that the dog is going to get bigger ever more.


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