This connoisseur of ancient architecture found a 60 000 000year old construction under his house

This astonishing incident took place in Belgium, exactly where a 60 000 000 Earth layer was lately discovered.

There were big stone walls which were constructed by human bare hands, yet, according to the science, the humans didn’t exist 60 000 000 years ago.

The great importance is placed on an old man who was the first to discover this mysterious place. He was also a great connoisseur of ancient buildings and construction.

The man decided to fulfil his dream and started to build his own house nearby the fort which dated back to the Second World War.

As some rooms were to be located under the ground, Robert, the old man and his team came across underground tunnels which led them to the caves. Due to the fact the old man took a great interest in old architecture, he effortlessly could estimate how old the construction actually was.

According to further investigations, the original owners froze the excavations so that no one could damage or destroy that.

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