The man purchased a house and found a secret garden, took the risk and entered the place where no one lived for 40 years

The man decided to buy a big and spacious house and, shorty after obtaining a one, he determined to explore the whole territory. The new owner discovered a rusty door and found out that on one went in for over 40 years.

Simon, the man, always desired to move from the city and avoid the constant traffic, noises and pollution. He was busy looking for an appropriate countryside house for a relatively long time. And he eventually found a house which he liked most. Yet, one fact bothered him a lot. The owner wanted to sell it quickly and get the money in order to leave the territory. This seemed rather mysterious and thought-provoking.

Once Simon found a gate, he noticed that behind it there was secret garden which was not touched for over 40 years. And he also found a note which told that the garden dates back to 1970.

The new owner hired special workers who could thoroughly clean the territory and the secret garden is now a source of money as the owner gets 10 pounds as the enter here costs a lot.

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