A man bought a house and found a secret 100meters deep pipe in the garden and bravely went down to know what was at the bottom of it

This man bought a private house and, one day discovered a huge and unusually deep pipe.

It goes without saying that the owner got absolutely curious and wanted to know what that was for. The man got a comparatively small camera, tied it to a rope and started to bravely go down. He definitely desired to know what was inside.

Initially, the owner was sure it would take a few second to reach the bottom, yet, as it was later discovered, the pipe was hundred meters deep and he needed hundreds of meters of rope.

In the course of the process, the man noticed that in some places there were organics and probably those were decomposed plants and limestone.

As he later figured out, that metallic pipe took the role of a well as there were no other possible explanations for this.

The man was lucky as he got back without any harms and, what is more, the camera wasn’t injured and managed to capture the whole process. The scenes the camera caught were absolutely breathtaking.

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