A lovable dolphin jumps out of the water and gives the sweetest kiss to one of the dogs

This heart-melting moment will brighten up your day! The dolphin and a dog sharing a kiss

Perhaps, the cutest and most adorable video you have even witnessed. While these awesome two doggies on the boat were enjoying the precious moment, a really unexpected and heartwarming scene surprisingly happened. One of the pups and a wonderful marine creature shared a very unique and moving moment. The awesome dolphin got interested and decided to approach the friendly doggie and, as it was later discovered, not only the dolphin was an enthusiastic and curious one since the furry creature couldn’t hide his excitement too.

What an excellent way of making new friends! The dolphin literally gets out of water and shares a sweet kiss with one of the enthusiastic dogs. Then the embarrassed and tender creature finds his way back to the ocean. Although, he again appears and the adorable moments were luckily captured on camera.

You can watch the cutest scene in the video below!

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