In this heartwarming scene a baby koala strongly refuses to leave his mother during life-saving operation

Mom’s and kid’s unconditional and great love is absolutely incredible phenomena and this also concerns the animals. Just like humans, the animal mothers are extremely overprotective and caring about their babies and vice versa. This is definitely proved by this adorable koala mom-baby relationship.

After a fatal and tragic accident, a mother koala suffered very serious injuries and harms. But mercifully, both she and her newborn baby koala were rescued due to an operative group of kind-hearted volunteers and were immediately taken to the hospital.

The baby was absolutely well and without any harms, whereas his mother was in a really catastrophic condition and had to be operated in order to continue living.

The heartwarming moment when the baby koala refused to leave his suffering mother even during the surgery literally left all the vets speechless. They perceived that the baby’s support and tenderness would definitely help her mother during such a hard time for her and separating the baby from his mother would easily traumatize the animals.

According to the studies, the koalas are rather reserved and asocial creatures. The close relationships they share are mostly between the moms and their babies. You can watch the touching moment below!

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