This awesome piglet gives the kitten the warmest hug and greatest support during her periodical seizures

It has been proved multiple times that the animal kingdom can offer the most adorable and strangest interspecies connections and this story successfully revealed that there possibly can be a tight friendship between a cat and a piglet. This cat that suffers from frequent seizures calms down only with the precious help of this two-week-old orphan piglet that is always there to console her friend. This incredible story shows a warm attitude and trust between two different animals.

They are always willing to comfort and support each other in the most difficult and unpredictable situations in life. These two initially met at a rescue facility, New Jersey and since then they started to show signs of true friendship with each other. The poor cat suffers problems connected with walking. She has a very serious medical condition which affects her body balance and often causes seizures.

Their tenderness and attachment to each other help both overcome any obstacles and problems they frequently face during their existence. The supportive piglet immediately perceives the kitten goes through something bad and rushes to give the warmest hug. Once the footage revealing their extraordinary connection was posted on social media, the two adorable creatures immediately gained fame and the people started to admire their unbelievable bond.

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