Abandoned by his family sick little elephant made friends with a service dog

Elephant are famous for being very smart.

They are also very sociable animals, who are prospering in their family. 

It’s Ellie, a small baby elephant, who was abandoned by his family because of his chronic sickness. He couldn’t live by himself in the wild. 

Luckily, the volunteers from Rhino Orphanage took him to the sanctuary in Zululand, where he gained much love and care.

The orphanage staff did everything to create a new milk formula, as he had allergy of any kind of milk. 

They applied well-cooked rice, added minerals and proteins. So the elephant gained weight and recovered from his illness, bur he was very lonely. 

Ellie was so sad, because he couldn’t meet his elephant family.  

The staff didn’t know how to help the little animal. 

And the service dog, named Duma saved the elephant from his loneliness.

They immediately made friends and became indivisible. 

They liked to play together. 

Ellie was very happy to have such a friend. Duma helped him with his loneliness.

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