The Shelter That ‘Marries’ Pups- The Furry Creatures In Love Are United So They Will Have to Be Adopted Together

Here is Jack and Diane’s faithful couple who have strongly been copping with lots of difficulties together.

These two cuties were found abandoned at a cemetery that is located in Maine and they were immediately sent to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.

“As these two sweeties have always been together we thought of different ways of giving them to adoption together and so when we thought of some ways to promote them, we decided to marry the two cuties.”

Except from all the necessary decorations the shelter staff even managed to to roll out the long carpet so that the guests started to visit “The Most Important Event of the Year”.

“Diane the doggy had her own dressing room where she was prepared for her wedding” – Roy said.

“Jack was dressed so elegantly and he was wearing a bow tie, patiently awaiting his beloved’s arrival at the altar.  When the beauty started walking down the aisle he quickly met her with such great excitement.”

All  Jack and Diane the cuties needed now was the caring family to adopt them.

After a few fateful months, Jack and Diane finally found the permanent  home with living and caring owners that they were always looking for.

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