«Witches don’t age!» Anne Hathaway brings things to a new level and takes part in Vanity Fair photoshoot

Anne Hathaway posing for the Gloss is something married men are not allowed to see! 🤤❤️‍🔥The actress shows that even at 4️⃣1️⃣ a woman can look amazing and steal hearts forever! 💘 No wonder people call her «the epitome of femininity»! 🤭See her recent provocative photoshoot in this article! 👇

Anne Hathaway has recently shared that female stars should fit a narrow mold of sex appeal in a candid interview which she lacked in the early years of her career as an actress. The movie star added that she considered it nothing but an absurd.

She has admitted that for a long time she was enduring the pressure to conform to the «male gaze» that dominated in Hollywood. Best-remembered for her portrayal in «The Devil Wears Prada» and «The Princess Diaries», she has always been uniquely beautiful and unsurpassed.

Currently, she is promoting her new movie «The Idea of You». Her Vanity Fair photoshoot reflects the theme of the film, that is the dynamic between an older woman and a younger man. Hathaway tried on several images which added even more spice and femininity.

Anne now places a great importance on mental health awareness. She prioritizes projects which promote to one’s well-being admitting that she experienced panic attacks even on the set and suffered anxiety which came as a surprise for her fans.

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