«Something he kept silent about!» Let’s discover the hidden parts of Ronaldo’s early years and path to success

Ronaldo’s mother almost did an abortion when she was pregnant with him! 😟💔The unwanted child grew up and became one of the most legendary football players of our time! 😮👏 What did those traumas lead to and what kind of relationship is he in with his mother now? 🤔🧐 To find out more – see the article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know C. Ronaldo, one of the most legendary, world-renowned and successful football players who has deservedly won numerous awards and broken several world records. Apart from sports, 38-year-old Cristiano is the most followed person on Instagram.

Few know that the chances  that he wouldn’t be with us now were big since his mother intended to stop the pregnancy. She was seeking help for an abortion. Aveiro’s attempts to lose the child by rigorous exercise and homemade remedies failed and eventually Ronaldo was born.

Their relationship is rather deep, though. The mother and son have gone through various hardships and challenges including Aveiro’s battle with breast cancer. She was first diagnosed in 2007, then suffered a stroke in 2020.

Ronaldo treats his mother’s decision to stop the pregnancy with humor and continues to be a supportive and dedicated son. The man does everything possible to help her.

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