«Something no one speaks about!» Let’s take a closer look into Joan Collins’s traumatic childhood and path to stardom

She slept in the underground and hid herself from German bombs, but grew up and became an iconic actress! 😮👏 Her family was in search of a shelter being in great danger, but the future star never lost her hope! 🥹💪Do you want to know about whom we are talking? 🤔🧐See the article and discover everything! 👇

This celebrity grew up during the period of war which failed to go unnoticed and not to take its toll on her. It literally affected her schooling and overall youth, yet, she could pursue her dream and become one of the most towering and desirable figures of the industry.

She was the eldest child of Elsa, a nightclub hostess, and Joseph, a talent agent. Later, the spouses had two more kids together: Jackie and Bill. The family lived during the World War II period.

Later, she has recalled this period of her life as the most challenging one which left a forever mark on her. And this legendary star is Joan Collins whose career was brought to a new level after her appearance in «Dynasty» alongside L. Evans.

It was her granny who taught her how to sing and do tap dance which later led her to pursue acting. What concerns her personal life, she was engaged to actor W. Beatty shortly after which they welcomed a baby.

Interestingly enough, she has had five husbands and the current and fifth one is actor Percy Gibson with whom she has been absolutely inseparable since February 2002.

Now, legendary Collins is 90 but has aged like fine wine and still captivates millions.

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