«Heartbreakers retire too!» This is what age and years have done to one of the most desired actors Hugh Laurie

Do you remember the heartthrob from «Dr. House»?🤔Now, be prepared to see him considerably aged! 😬😱Everyone’s jaw dropped when they saw how much time has changed Hugh Laurie! 🤯🤐 Our favorite psychotherapist appears unrecognizable now whose new photos you can see in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this prominent and accomplished film star. Hugh Laurie is well-known for his portrayal in «House» and «Blackadder» and is currently developing a murder mystery based on the 1934 A. Christie novel.

He undoubtedly used to be one of the most desired, handsome and charismatic movie stars towards whom no single viewer could remain indifferent without falling madly in love. However, as it known, time is merciless and spares no one.

The legendary man even appeared unrecognizable in the eyes of his admirers and supporters. To say that no trace of the former Doctor has remained is nothing to say.

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