«She was born for modeling!» What Jean-Paul Belmondo’s youngest daughter looks like deserves our special attention

Belmondo was 7️⃣0️⃣ when his youngest daughter was born! 😮🤫 The girl has already grown up and become an angelic beauty! 😍🫠Once the new photos of his heiress appeared, everyone fell in love with her at first sight! 🥹 Little Stella makes hearts beat faster whose new photos you can see in this article! 👇

Here is Stella, Belmondo’s youngest daughter. She was born during the prominent and notable French actor’s second marriage to Natty Tardivel, a ballet dancer and model. Sadly enough, the film star couldn’t manage to see his heiress already as an adult.

Stella’s absolute beauty and intelligence captivates millions. One may say that she «combines» the best features from her talented parents and they would obviously be proud of her. Despite her past complexes and insecurities disseminated by her peers, Stella now shines and has no equal.

Surprisingly, she decided not to follow in her parents’ career footsteps and has already chosen her own path. Now, she is pursuing studies in diplomacy and all her instructors claim that a bright future is ahead of her. Though many modeling agencies are interested in her, she is fully focused on her studies.

It is worth mentioning that Belmondo had four children. The eldest one Patricia who, unfortunately, passed away in 1993 in a fatal fire. Stella has siblings Paul and Florence who support each other everywhere.

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