«When one loves the soul, age doesn’t matter!»: The first appearance of Crowe with his new lover caused a stir

Everyone’s eyes on the red carpet were on the new lover of 58-year-old Crowe 😳❤️

The first public appearance of this prominent and successful actor from Zealand with his new girlfriend caused a stir. His new love became a former actress and estate-broken B. Theriot who is over 30 years younger than the man.

The popular film star chose a dark suit, a matching T-shirt and leather shoes. What concerns his lady, she looked literally amazing in a strapless mini dress with a sleek evening bag, an elegant watch and black stilettos.

Many believe that the couple first met on the set of his «Vice City» back in 2012. However, their relationship rose years later.

What is more, the great actor is currently working on «The Devil’s Exorcist». The filming takes place in Rome, the city that he started to love so much after his role in «Gladiator» (2000).

The man first married in 2003. They had two sons, yet their marriage ended in divorce years later.

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