Fans wonder how Emily Ratajkowski maintains her svelte figure, and she opens up about the brackets  

She has a strong will  😍

Many people are curious about how this beauty maintains her pretty figure and those who are interested in her lifestyle, know the secret of her stunning appearance.

Once the star spoke about it, saying that she keeps a strict diet and takes care of her health with great attention.

Surprisingly, Emily uses meat in her diet, because it contains healthy fats and proteins, and also she likes it a lot.

The celebrity says that she enjoys cooking at home and eating healthy food made by her. She goes to cafes or restaurants rarely.

Besides it, she goes to the gym regularly and it has become an essential part of her life.

She has an attractive body and it captivates everyone around.

Although people think that the star uses Photoshop in her photos, she shows off her natural figure and beauty during events and makes everyone speechless.

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