«The final resting place of Lady Di»: Here is the abandoned final resting place of late Princess Diana on the island of Althorp

This is what the final resting place of the Queen of People’s hearts looks like now

There is no doubt that late Lady Di still remains one of the most favorite and sincere people of our time whom the British adore. This is where Princess Diana is having her final rest. Many were saddened to see her place being abandoned and untended.

The resting place of the charming woman is located on the island of Althorp and is encircled with 36 trees.

What concerns her monument, it was covered in moss making it clear that no one has been looking after it for many years.

«She didn’t deserve this», «My heart has broken into pieces», «I can’t believe my eyes», «I can’t see a cross».

«She was a unique and exemplary woman of her time», «Why do her relatives neglect her final resting place?».


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