«Gray-haired but still an icon!»: Iconic actress MacDowell’s appearance with gray hair became the subject of heated discussions

Everyone’s eyes were on gray-haired but very confident actress Audie MacDowell

This outstanding and distinctive actress has her own unique and irreplaceable role in world cinema. A. MacDowell has brilliantly played in many films, including «Groundhog Day». The brunette with curls won millions of male hearts in youth.

One interesting fact about the prominent American movie star is that even during the lockdown she refused to dye her grayed hair and completely accepts the way she is.

The legendary movie star admitted «I loved having silver hair so much».

Many shared their impressions. «How natural and appealing she looks!»

«You are doing the right thing, dear. Keep going!», «Getting old naturally is nothing but aa honor».

Meanwhile, many were disappointed in how their favorite actress has changed. They strongly advised her to eventually dye her hair since it doesn’t look aesthetic at all.

Share your own point of view in the comment section! Does gray hair look beautiful?

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