«An angelic beauty with sky blue eyes and bow lips»: This is Hollywood actress Ryan after a number of plastic surgeries

Here is iconic actress Meg Ryan at 61 with whom millions fell in love in the 1990s

Among the most beloved, in-demand and highly respected Hollywood actresses is M. Ryan and the great films she brilliantly star in quickly become overall popular. Shortly after her first debut in cinema, Ryan appeared in the prime of her career.

Not only the legendary actress’s great talent and skills, but also charm and unearthly beauty appealed to absolutely everyone at that time. Many were convinced that the Hollywood actress looked like an angel with her sky blue eyes and bow lips.

No one could remain indifferent towards her back in the 1990s, whereas she, as well, couldn’t resist and not to turn to plastic surgeons. Ryan noticeably changed the shape of her lips, eyes, chin and now looks unrecognizable in some of her fans’ eyes.

Many can hardly believe this is the same actress since a lot has noticeably been changed during the past few years.

Here is the outstanding actress now. Did you easily recognize her?

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