«Complete opposites of each other»: This is how scandalous singer Britney Spears’s younger sibling looks and lives

Only few know that popular singer Spears has a younger sister: Here is Jamie Lynn

There are probably only few who actually know that one of the best-known, brightest and attractive celebrities B. Spears has a younger sister with whom she, surprisingly, doesn’t have a lot in common and even their appearances are totally different.

Here, it is relevant to mention Jamie Lynn who first appeared in front of a large group of viewers in 2002 in the movie «Crossroads» acting together with her elder sibling. Then, she started to take an active part in children’s projects and teenage series.

Moreover, Jamie was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2005.

Unlike her much more popular and scandalous sister, Lynn leads a humble and modest way of life remaining devoted to her family. At first sight, it is clear that they are complete opposites of each other. Even in looks, they are entirely different.

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