«Looks like a grandfather next to his flourishing wife»: Prominent 65-year-old actor Gere showed his wife who is 34 years younger

The huge age difference between Gere and his wife didn’t let anyone remain silent

There is no exact rule and secret to family happiness. For some, a big age difference is simply not an option, whereas the others find that it mainly depends on their characters and lifestyle, therefore, a big age gap is not a problem at all.

For example, we can take prominent and successful actor Richard Gere who married a 31-year-old woman, 34 years younger than the great film star. The spouses are not concerned with their huge age gap at all and look happy and quite harmonious.

The first time Gere met Alejandra, she was still a little child. Years later, they met again due to their mutual friend and soon realized they had feelings for each other.

For the sake of their love, they broke up with their legal partners and started dating. At that time, the great actor was 65 and Silva was still 31.

Currently, they raise their two common children and are constantly the center of photographers’ and journalists’ attention. Meanwhile, the former attractive actor is no longer the same and we can say that time has changed him beyond recognition.

Being covered with deep wrinkles, gray hair and other age-related changes, Gere looks like a grandfather next to his young wife according to the fans.

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