«If Rapunzel existed in real life»: This Ukrainian girl who hasn’t had her hair cut for 29 years left everyone speechless with the result

This is how the Ukrainian girl who hasn’t cut her hair for about 30 years looks now

Meet 34-year-old Alena Kravchenko from Ukraine who is considered to be the real Rapunzel Princess from our childhood’s beloved fairy tale. Surprisingly enough, the unique girl hasn’t cut her hair since the age of 5 and now its length reaches nearly 180 cm.

Apart from the aesthetic point of view, that is its external beauty, hair of such an unusual length requires special care and a great deal of attention. Alena often applies various moisturizes and cuts the ends of her hair to make it grow healthy. It is worth mentioning that washing Alena’s hair normally takes about an hour, a fact that greatly surprises absolutely everyone.

Alena herself admits that such hair takes a lot of time and attention, whereas many girls today can’t take enough time for it. Our Ukrainian princess is one of those few ones who clearly understands the assignment without getting tired of properly taking care of her hair.

Alena ironically mentioned that she sometimes gets sudden proposals of marriage which seems funny and even ridiculous.

Do you have short or long hair? How much time does it take for you to take care of your hair?


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