«Condemned by fashion critics»: Film star Jessica Parker in dirty boots and a huge hat was heavily criticized for being tasteless

Iconic actress Jessica Parker was condemned for being tasteless by fashion critics

It should be mentioned that outstanding, successful and overall-recognized actress Jessica Parker looks absolutely stunning and unsurpassable on stage, whereas in everyday life she doesn’t always stand out with her beauty, unique style and brightness.

The legendary star from «The Sex and the City» can often afford to appear in rather unsuccessful outfits or clothes that don’t match at all.

A great number of fashion critics rush to condemn her for the inappropriate colors, pattern and design in clothes as well as fabric and accessories. Whereas the well-known film star seems not to care about critics’ and haters’ negative comments.

She has created her own individual style, doesn’t care about others’ opinions and feels quite comfortable.

However, some of her unsuccessfully chosen outfits are simply impossible to ignore and many fashion critics rush to heavily criticize her for being completely tasteless.

To complete her rather unusual look, Parker put on a huge gray hat, sunglasses as well as a black shoulder bag.

Many absolutely agreed that she unluckily chose an unsuccessful outfit and looked rather awkward and tasteless.

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