“Still winning hearts in their 80s and over!”: Here are handsome male celebrities who continue attracting female hearts

Despite their age, these aged cult celebrities never cease to win millions of hearts

Some strongly hold the opinion that however beautiful and attractive one is, time has power upon absolutely everyone and they won’t be able to maintain their handsomeness forever. In the course of time, exceptionally all people including well-known celebrities gradually lose their charm becoming totally ordinary-looking elderly men.

Whereas it is not entirely true, is it? If we take Clint Instwood, who, despite being in his 90s, still never cease to make everyone admire him. The great man looks quite well-groomed and energetic.

Though Al Pacino has already turned 81, he, nevertheless, dresses in a quite fashionable way attracting the huge army of his admirers.

In spite of already being 81, legendary Chuck Norris looks simply great!

And here is talented and enormously successful actor Sylvester Stallone who, despite being 75, still delights his fans with his enthusiasm and charisma.

Meet one of the most iconic and attractive men of all time – Richard Gere, who recently celebrated his 71th birthday.

And here we can see 78-year-old Robert De Niro who has maintained quite well too.

Meet Martin Scorsese. The great man still looks gorgeous and keeps winning millions of hearts.

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