“Have you ever seen a girl with a beard?”: The incredible story of this beauty blogger who overcame her complexes  

After struggling with her beard for years, this girl threw away all her razors

Meet this distinctive blogger named Nova Galaxia who, due to her absolute uniqueness, managed to gain popularity and become one of the most influential figures in today’s beauty industry. On contrary to the majority of Internet celebrities who rush to undertake everything possible in order to hide their flaws and imperfections, Nova is the great inspiration for thousands for accepting their bodies and love themselves the way they are.

Because of Nova’s polycystic ovaries, she has a harmonic imbalance as a result of which extra hair is on her whole body. And after many years of overusing razors and undergoing many other procedures, Nova realized it was high time to end her struggling which was, in fact, pointless and, instead, concentrate on her natural beauty.

One has no need to be anxious and afraid of negative opinions and heavy criticism of others as our society in which we live has become tolerant enough and can accept any single one with his or her “uniqueness” or disorder.

All we should do is to find enough courage and determination in us to directly face our problem and do our best to cope with it without forgetting to love and accept ourselves.

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