These are the parents of late Princess Diana and the tragic story of their divorce

Here are the parents of “the queen of people’s hearts”: The story of their divorce

The late Princess’s mother Francis was born in 1936 to a family of the heiress of a baron and a friend of Elizabeth the Second. It is worth mentioning that Diana’s relationship with her mother was rather complicated.

She was unable to forgive her mother for a relatively long time.

John Spenser and Frances married as their parents decided so. During their marital life, the spouses had had five children. However, the couple eventually had to divorce.

Soon, Spenser decided to marry his love and soon Frances met another man. According to the decision of the trial, the children should be left with the baron. Whereas later, Diana took many attempts to communicate with her biological mother.

In contrary to Diana, her mother Francis could treat her daughter in a rude way in public and wasn’t tolerant.

In 2004, Francis passed away due to Parkinson’s disease.


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