Here is the reason why legendary singer Pink had to immediately stop her performance on stage

Incredible! This is why brilliant singer Pink rushed to stop her concert

During one of her breathtaking performances on stage in Australia, worldwide famous and beloved singer Pink had to stop the concert and here is the reason why. One poster in the audience made a deep impression on the woman and something heartwarming and unexpected happened.

It later turned out that the poster was written by a teenage girl named Leah who had recently lost her mother. The poor 14-year-old girl was in a hopeless state, was completely heartbroken and her only wish was to hug Pink.

As soon as the brilliant and gentle-hearted performer noticed the very poster, she rushed to approach the girl thus stopping the whole concert. She went down, found the downhearted teenager and tightly hugged her. The singer was trying to comfort her and assure that everything bad passes away sooner or later. As a fond memory, the performer gave her autograph and agreed to take a picture with her.

The heartbroken girl couldn’t hold back her tears and refused to believe her eyes. As she mentioned, she was going to come to the concert with her mother and for a long time they had been saving money to buy the ticket. Whereas, misfortunately, her parent passed away and she came with her aunt.

The bighearted singer managed to make the girl’s day and give her such moments that she will hardly ever forget in the rest of her life. After dedicating some time to the girl, Pink went back on stage and eagerly asked everyone to call their mothers and know how they were doing. The heroic act of the singer left everyone speechless and they all highly praised her kindness and generosity.

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